Today was our first official day in Bali. Last night when we arrived, we were too tired to even function. We are at the Hard Rock Hotel, it is really awesome. We started our day with some awesome buffet breakfast and then went to the pool area to just relax for a little.


After the pool we took a little drive to go eat lunch. We stopped at this place right off the road and it was on the rice fields. It was absolutely amazing food! The place was really cool as well, beautiful view and really neatly decorated.


After lunch it was off to a horse ranch. We all got on horses and took them down to the beach. I’ve never been on a horse, so that was pretty cool. Megan was the only one of us that had horse experience, so the guide let her guide her own horse. He held onto my horse the whole time. It was awesome to ride down the beach, what a beautiful place!

This one liked me so much it was smiling. Haha




After that we headed to a beach. Of course, me being Mr. Adventure, I rented a surf board.

I can swim, but I’m not the strongest by any means. I’m also not a good surfer. My surfing record is funny. I can’t surf, yet I’ve tried surfing in SoCal, Hawaii, Australia, and now Bali. Haha, I only caught 1 wave and fell trying to get up. After paddling out, my arms were soooooooo tired I couldn’t catch a wave. I think my hands have holes. When I tried in Australia, I went with world famous RC driver, Josh Pain. He had to save me from break zone. I couldn’t paddle out over the waves, and I couldn’t paddle in with the current going out. I was just stuck getting destroyed by the waves. He swore I had holes in my hands. Haha

After the embarrassment of surfing it was off to dinner. We went to this amazing restaurant right off the sand. The sun was just going down and we even got to enjoy the sunset.


The food was awesome as well. I seem to like all the food I eat in all of Asia. Clarissa has been picking all the places we eat, and she is totally rocking it out. The food has been great. I’m really gonna have to hit the miles on the bike after this trip. I’m gaining serious downhill speed right now.

After dinner we headed back towards the hotel. We stopped when we got close and were by all the shops. We wanting to do some bargain shopping and wheeling and dealing. It was really fun and we got some cool goodies to bring back home. All in all, we had an amazing day in Bali. Looking forward to enjoying the morning and afternoon here tomorrow, and then it’s a flight back to Surabaya tomorrow late afternoon. Can’t wait to check out the RC track!!!!

Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

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