Back to Surabaya

It was our last day in Bali. Our flight was leaving around 4:30pm, so we just wanted to hang around the hotel and relax. Got another amazing breakfast and then just soaked up the sun at the pool. Megan had to drag me out of the water to get me to head back up to the room to get ready to leave. We had such a great time there, that was an amazing blessing.

We managed to get through all the crazy traffic and wild scooters to the airport. The Bali airport was kinda weird. It seems very unorganized and kinda just chaotic. Luckily Clarissa knew what she was doing, we just followed.

We landed back in Surabaya and Mr. Ferry was there to greet us again. We said our goodbyes to Clarissa and we were back into traffic headed to the track. Traffic is just nuts. When the traffic is bad, they just make as many lanes as the can fit. A 1 lane road turns to 2, 2 lanes turn to 3 or 4. Their car bubble is very small. After an hour drive , we arrived to the track. It was dark, so nobody was driving, but people were still there wrenching and bench racing. It was nice to meet up with all the racers and we got to meet the track owner as well. The track is AMAZING!!!!! It is soooooooooooooo huge you can’t even explain.



Can’t wait to get on there in the morning. Check back in for updates at the track. Maybe I can even sweet talk Megan into doing a video of some practice laps. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

6 responses to “Back to Surabaya

  1. Wow, that track really looks big (even in the dark)! You will have fun, I am sure. A video would be nice… 😉

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