C-Netic Practice Day 1

I finally got on the track today. We checked it out last night, but I didn’t get to see any cars on it. I haven’t been able to drive 1/8 much and I was feeling pretty nervous to get out there. My local indoor track that I drove at before this track is very small. I think you could fit 20 tracks inside this 1 huge track.

Got my engine all tuned and I was ready to hit the track. I just didn’t want to look like a fool on my first lap. I did 100s of mental laps, and it must have helped. My first run was not too bad. I felt pretty comfortable and it was really enjoyable. Unfortunately I had a weird crash; I traction rolled in a fast section and slide upside down into a pipe. The pipes are held in with these sticks and I think a stick went into the body where the fuel tank is. It just about ripped the roof off my body and it snapped the top end needle off the carb. I only brought 1 body with me, so I did a Frankenstein job on it.


They put something on the track and it has a ton of grip, but tires wear like crazy. These are after 15 minutes.

After I ran a couple times I started to work on the car a little. My car was too soft. I went to 10k/10k/5k diff oil and 50/35 shock oil and then I was feeling better out there. My car felt good, but I will make a few changes to the car for tomorrow’s practice. It’s pretty awesome, I got Megan down in pit lane. She’s doing an amazing job pitting, she doesn’t really pit for me very often. I really want her to pit for me in the race, but she’s pretty nervous about it. She will do great though is she decides to go for it. We had some awesome track food.


After the practice they put on a dinner for all the racers. It was truly amazing!!!! They had tons of great food, a press conference with a few drivers, really cool decorations all around the restaurant with RC cars and trophies all over. Even a guy doing cartoons of people. They had music, exotic cars, and a great firework show.







Megan’s favorite car was a Porsche

My favorite was an Ashton Martin

On that note, I’m off to bed. I posted a video of a practice lap on my YouTube channel. I can’t seem to get it on my blog right now. Check it out on YouTube. Thanks for reading and God Bless.

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