Reedy Race Sunday

The final day of the 2014 Reedy Race. Today was four rounds of 4wd.

4wd R3 I started second and got a great jump to try to pass for the lead on the outside. Ryan Luts started first and hit the inside pipe in the first turn trying to keep me behind him. My car felt great and I lead every lap to take a win by five seconds.

4wd R4 was not so smooth. I started sixth and just got caught up in a bunch of different crashes. Ended up finishing sixth. My car still felt great, just had a rough race.

4wd R5 was again a tough race. I started eighth and got a great start to be fourth after the first lap. I tried passing for third and got in the dust before the front jumps and got a little wild. We all kept it going, but I lost third. Right after that, third place cased a jump right in front of me and I landed right on top and flipped. Dropped me way back. I came back to fifth. Car was again great, results are not showing the speed I had.

4wd R6 was a good race. I started from first and I wanted to end my weekend with a win. I got the jump on Hartson who started second. We raced clean all race, but I couldn’t pull away. We were really flying and both pushing hard to get a win. I felt really comfortable and was doing my own thing. Coming into the last lap I went down the straight and just slowed too much at the corner. I slide off the first drop off going too slow and rolled. Ended up second by five tenths. Pretty mad at myself to give up the win like that.

Ended up tenth overall. Not at all what I was hoping for. My cars were great and I was fast, just didn’t do a good job with the format. I feel bad I didn’t showcase my Kyosho cars as well as they deserved. Thanks to all my fans and my sponsors. God Bless



5 responses to “Reedy Race Sunday

  1. Hey, don’t feel bad man, everyone has those weekends and that’s quite a weird format. All I know is you’ve got a 5yo fan that’s got your WC sticker on his wall next to his bed and when we were watching the racing on YouTube everytime you had the lead he cheered you on like you could hear him thru the tv haha. My wife came up to me yesterday asking me who Jared tebo was because Dylan kept telling her all about the best rc racer in the world and how he goes to church just like we do. In my book for my son to have a positive role model that he will be able to relate to as he grows up is way way better then us seeing you win every race. In the end win or lose your still a winner to a lot of people!

    God bless you and your family!

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