Thunder Alley Test Session

No break after Reedy. 8am Monday morning we were at Kyosho trading in the 1/10 for the 1/8 gear and off to Thunder Alley.






Testing all three 1/8 cars. Just seeing where we are heading into The Dirt. Stuff felt pretty good yesterday and we back at it today. Feels awesome to be driving 1/8 again. Always love Thunder Alley because the track is always super fun.

I got a video on my YouTube from yesterday running my mp9e. I’ll try to get some more video today. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.

11 responses to “Thunder Alley Test Session

  1. Hi Jared, its me Peter. Looks like you had great days at Thunder Alley. We also had a good day of riding, a really good trail 😉 See you soon

  2. Hi Jared, Is there a reason you run the red springs on the rear of the truggy instead of the blue springs? Also what do you do to make the mp9/st-rr evo have agressive steering and rotation?

    • I run the red rear springs because I run 2 degree anti squat. Not sure what you mean about how to get aggressive steering out of both cars. I don’t do anything special to them

  3. Jared, I was wondering what kv motor you run on a track like Thunder or even for nitro challenge? Thanks

    • I don’t do anything special. My neo13 setup will have good steering. In truggy you want to have more rear brake than front. Buggy I normally run 50/50 or 40/60. Truggy is 40/60 or 30/70. Normally the looser the track, the more rear brake I run.

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