Thunder Alley Day 2

Another beautiful day in Beaumont, California. Back out to my favorite track for our second and final test day before I fly back home.

Ran a couple different engines in my buggy. It’s cold at home, so trying to get stuff broke in for The Dirt. Yesterday seemed a little more chaotic and not that productive. It was my first nitro and 1/8 day in a while. The second day was much smoother and very productive. Here’s a shot of my buggy after a 45 minute moto.


Track was awesome with a lot of grip. Ran my truggy quite a bit as well. I am trying out our .22 truggy engine for the first time. It seemed really good and I’m excited to get more fuel through it and race it at The Dirt. Also ran my electric buggy a bunch too. We got some good testing in with our newest speedo and motors. Seems really good and I can’t wait to race electric for the first time this year at The Dirt.

Thunder Alley is awesome when ran dry, but man does it eat up your car and tires. Here is the buggy tire damage after two days of running.

Last run of the day. Got a beautiful track in front of me, and a beautiful sunset behind me. We shut that place down.

After a hard day burning packs and tanks, we finished it off with a SoCal favorite of mine. Wahoo’s Maui Bowl!!!!!! Ooommmppp!!!!!


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