Thunder Alley Videos

I spent Monday and Tuesday running some 1/8. Here is a video of my MP9E and MP9 burning some laps.

Thanks for checking in and God Bless

3 responses to “Thunder Alley Videos

  1. First off, I love the blog! I saw your testimony video on YouTube and then had to subscribe to your blog. Many things resonated in your testimony and I am so blessed by having viewed it. Thank you!

    Second, I have a question about the difference between your nitro and electric MP9s. I will preface this question by saying, I am new to racing (racing for the last 4 months) and I only race electric. Just from what I’ve read, weight and setup of both buggies should be about the same. That being said you seem to drive the electric more aggressively. My prime example of this is when you take the jump up the hill to the hairpin that brings you back to the drivers stand. With the nitro you jump to the turn, but with the electric you jump through the turn. Just wondering why you don’t do the same with the nitro?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this blog. I truly is a great thing that you a continuing to develop you walk with Christ (as am I). As I race, its good to have someone to look to in the racing world.

    God Bless You!

    • Thanks for all the kind words. Awesome that you are new to RC.

      My electric and nitro mp9’s are setup pretty similar. The electric car weighs more than the nitro.

      I actually drive them pretty close to the same. If anything I am more aggressive with the nitro. The electric car has much more torque and looks like I am more aggressive in some areas. That section you are talking about was just line choice. The mp9e video was on Monday. I was jumping the corner during the beginning of testing. After we started timing laps, not jumping it was faster. The mp9 video was later on Tuesday after I had driven on the track for a while.

      Thanks for following along with my blog. God Bless

      • Thanks for the reply!

        Really?? Faster not jumping through…on the video it seemed faster…well you’d know better than me and the timer doesn’t lie.

        Good luck with the upcoming season!

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