Practice Day Silver State 2014

First day out at the Silver State race. Today we have two 7 minute practice runs with the second run being a seeding run into qualifying. The track is fairly simple, but I think it’s gonna shape up really good when it gets rough. First practice will be much different than second practice, and it’s only gonna get rougher each run.

First up was truggy. The track was a freeway as it was super smooth and pretty easy. Everyone was really close in speed and just punched out there. My truck felt good, but I’ll be more excited when the bumps start forming. I got a good tune on my engine and my power felt good out there. I wasn’t the fastest on single lap, .4 of a second off fastest lap, but I was consistent getting the second fastest overall time. I started out with AKA super soft grid irons and they felt good. Plan is to run all super soft in P1 and soft in P2.

Next was electric buggy. Track was getting a little more broke in, but still smooth. Went out on AKA super soft grid iron 2 tires. We tested a couple things with gearing and speedo settings yesterday, and all was good today. I had a pretty fast single lap, but not the fastest, but just like truggy, I was consistent. I had the second fastest overall run in this class as well.

After e buggy, we grabbed some Subway to regroup for nitro buggy. Got my tune good on my buggy as well, and my power felt really good. I went out on AKA super soft Impacts this time to try them out. Being later in the day, the track started to get a little better and a little bumpier, nothing though like it will be on Sunday though. My car felt good and I felt comfortable out there. Had a consistent run and even got the fastest single lap, so that was cool. I had one stupid crash on the left side step up.

All in all, P1 was good. Now just getting ready for P2 and get good seeding for qualifying. Gonna make a shock piston change for truggy and then try soft tires. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.




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