Seeding practice Silver State

P2 was seeding. Truggy I switched up my tire setup to soft Impacts and they felt pretty good. I’m not sold on the soft compound over the super soft though. Ended up with 4th seed.

Ebuggy was not too good. I went out on soft gridiron 2 tires and I was really struggling out there. I didn’t really get clean 3 laps in a row, but I got 2 good, and 1 bobble lap. It seeded me in 7th.

Buggy was last and the track was really starting to get rough. I though the issue in ebuggy was the soft compound, so I went out on super soft gridiron 2 in nitro buggy. It was a little better, but I was still lacking traction. I worked on my lines and got in a good flow. Seeded in 3rd.

Pretty happy with my practice. Learned some tire things and should be ready to rock in qualifying.



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