Q1 Silver State

Started off the day with a good truggy run. I tuned my engine before the qualifier, but it warm up it was really rich feeling. Joe leaned it out, but it still felt pretty rich when the race started. I was thinking the qualifier was gonna be rough, but I just drove and a few laps in I was in the hunt for the TQ. The engine slowly got better and by the end I was going pretty good and took the TQ. I was going for it on the step up and just blasting over it all the way on the outside. Felt good to start out like that.

Ebuggy was mostly good. My car felt pretty good and I let almost the whole entire heat. I lost the lead by .3 on the second to last lap, but then I hit a rut going too fast in the front sweeper and crashed. Dropped from second to fifth on the last lap. That was kinda a bummer.

Nitro buggy I was ready for a clean run. My car felt really good, but I was struggling with my engine tune. It started out good, but a few laps in it started to feel lean and it seemed to get faster and faster as the race went on. Not really sure what’s up with the tune changing in the run so much , but I’ll keep plugging away. I lead early, but then I crashed after the whoops and then crashed a couple more time. I was fast though, and came back up to third at the end.

Pretty happy with a TQ, a 5th, and a 3rd in Q1. Gonna go out there and try to just flow around the bumps and be smoother in Q2. Thanks for checking in and God Bless.


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